Monday, June 20, 2011

This is me blogging.

I swear I still run this blog.  I have been a little busy trying to put together a website for Lobsters on the Fly- hence the changes on the blog.  I've also been writing a couple of articles for some papers, attending some fabulous sustainable food conferences, interviewing some herring fishermen, thinking about fish, eating some fish, fishing.  You get the idea.

Herman's boat is out of the water getting some much needed repairs on the deck.  He is also installing a water locker, also known as a toilet, which will make the boat races this year all the better!  It's going to be a busy summer for us but I'm excited for some fun times with family and friends and achieving some of the long-worked on goals for Lobsters on the Fly.  What are those goals?  I can't tell you! I'm a fisherman's wife- I know better than to jinx things!

So, check back soon.  When the website is completed I'm going to utilize the blog for sharing recipes and pictures and tidbits about local food... maybe a CSF challenge? 

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