Friday, April 15, 2011

Data matrix codes... coming soon to a restaurant near you.

Have you seen one of these lately?

Jen Levin from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute wrote about them recently in the MLA Newsletter (April 2001, page 5).  It is called a data matrix code or what I like to call it, "a square barcode-looking thingy."  There are a few apps for the smart phone that you can use to scan the code.  I use the Neoreader app.  Feel free to scan the one above although it is just going to take you back to my site! 
I recently spoke to a restaurant in my area that offers local food and asked if they would be willing to give it a shot in their restaurant to help promote some of the fishermen and farmers.  We are meeting again and I hope to talk to more restaurants offering local food to use this code in order to promote more of our local producers.  So- be on the look out!  And if you are a farmer or fisherman who would like to learn more about this please shoot me an e-mail and I will help you get set up. 

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