Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adventures in lobster cooking

On April 7  I am teaching a class at Now You're Cooking in Bath.  I asked Herman to bring some lobsters home so I can start practicing the recipes and techniques.  I will be making lobster dip, lobster fettuccine and lobster BLT's.  Last night I practiced making the lobster dip and lobster fettuccine.  I had to make some changes to the fettuccine recipes because I didn't have peas, the right noodles or some of the seasonings.  Dinner still came out good.  I paid attention to how I cooked the lobsters more than I usually do- setting a timer, measuring water etc.  One thing I do know for sure now- it is way better to steam lobsters than to boil them! 

After!  We just dump our lobsters in the sink when they are done cooking.  It makes the least amount of mess and gives them a chance to cool down before we crack into them.

Using the bodies to make stock.  Smelled so good!  Surprising ingredient: ketchup.

The final product! Lobster fettuccine with a few improv ingredients.  I'd share the recipe but then you wouldn't come to my class!

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