Friday, February 18, 2011

Lobsters and herring and shrimp, oh my!

I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks and that is just fine with me! I'm no longer working at my other job though I am still working as a personal trainer one or two days a week. The rest of my time has been spent on the road, in meetings, on conference calls and on the computer. Sometimes on the phone in the car (pulled over, of course) or on the phone and on the computer! I've gotten to meet some very cool people all working hard to find ways to support our fisheries!

I am very excited to be continuing to work and network with people on the Eat Local Foods Coalition. I am currently serving as the vice president and I am quite honored and really looking forward to getting to know others on the board better. And hopefully working on some projects that can really make a difference in our farming and fishing worlds! I also started to work with the Fish Locally Collaborative about a month or two ago. I am working in the markets transformation workgroup. I co-lead with two very intelligent, interesting and fun people. More on both of these projects/groups in the future!

You know how they say find your passion and make it your life’s work? I feel like I’ve got that. Even though I look at my full e-mail in-box, my full calendar of events and meetings, and long list of to-do's, I feel so excited every morning to get up and at ‘em. Lou Holtz said, “If you're bored with life - you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things - you don't have enough goals.“  Now, I do not mean to get all cheesy and inspirational here but let me tell you about my day yesterday.

All I had to do yesterday was go to the gym, run a couple of errands and get to Augusta for a works session regarding LD 110 to support large-scale marketing and research and development for bulk sales of Maine seafood worldwide. I felt like shit. My throat hurt, my eyes burned and I was exhausted. I got to the gym and our new nail tech needed someone to practice on. I decided I didn’t need to work out and got my nails painted instead! I went to do a couple of errands but was having a hard time making decisions about anything because my head was so full that I gave up and grabbed some lunch at Provisions. I got Margot’s amazing Tuscan roast beef with extra horseradish in hopes of clearing my head. It was totally delicious! Though, it kinda stunk in my car and therefore I felt like I smelled of roast beef the rest of the day. Not very cool when you’re meeting new people and shaking hands with people that you respect and hope they respect you too! Anyway, so though it was not what I felt like doing because I didn’t feel that great, and apparently smelled like my sandwich, being in Augusta was the better part of my day. (Not including hanging out with my family because that is ALWAYS the best part of my day, have you seen my kids?) Anyway, I guess I know what Coach Holtz was talking about.

LD 110 was tabled which was actually the best decision that could have been made. Marketing and research and development in the seafood industry is far more complicated that just throwing money at it. And honestly $3M is not that much money considering how much seafood the state of Maine produces. There was a lobsterman there, who shall remain nameless, who said that the lobstermen would be willing to support and even incur fees in order to support this bill. I freaked out a little bit on the inside because 1.) it says SEAFOOD not just lobster and 2.) NO, lobstermen would not, nor should they have to, pay any more fees. It sounds like the bill is going to go back to the drawing board, a few details will be hammered out and the DMR may even look at where some of their funds can be better spent. All good news and of course I will update you if I hear anything!

On that note, I promise I will get better at actually updating you fantastic readers in regards to what I am doing. I’ll continue to share articles that I find interesting, informative and relevant but I will make sure to be better at posting my own articles as well. So, look forward to hearing about the fishermen’s forum, the Boston Seafood show, herring management, cooperatives, community supported fisheries and the Good Shepard Food Bank! Lobsters and herring and shrimp, oh my!

In case you haven't seen my kids:

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