Monday, January 31, 2011

iLobster iPhone app

I finally bought an iphone Touch.  I am often surprised at meetings when I see that I am the only with a pad and paper and everyone else (farmers, fishermen and the like) have ipads, laptops and smart phones.  I figure I better get with it if I want to keep up!  I've been playing with all of the different apps and was happy to find one called iLobster.  According to their website: "This app is for beginners and experts alike to learn how to get the most out of your lobster dinner, locate nearby restaurants and lobster pounds, and order the freshest Maine lobster available straight to your door."  Check out their site for more information and get the app for your phone.  I have a good idea where to go to get the best lobsters and I definitely know how to cook and clean them but I am happy there is an app our there promoting them!

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