Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lobsters on the Fly

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Lobsters on the Fly is a grassroots marketing initiative dedicated to supporting Maine's fishermen and seafood. Lobsters on the Fly works with other local Maine businesses and strives to create synergistic relationships with local farmers, artists and business owners in order to promote the importance of buying local seafood- and other local stuff!

About me
My name is Monique and I live on Orr's Island with my husband, a lobsterman, and two children.  I was born in Belguim so I am not technically allowed to call myself a Mainer which is just not fair.  I like reading, music and hanging out with my family and friends.  My current stuff:

About grassroots marketing:
Grassroots marketing is simple, unconventional methods that allows you to target your consumer on a more local level.  This is opposed to something bigger like advertising that relies on larger media sources.  What counts in grassroots is creativity, energy, passion and a willingness to learn and try new things. 

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And be sure to check me out in the MLA Newsletter and Commercial Fisheries News!

Thank you to Jaclyn Young for all of the help setting up this blog!
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